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· The course fee once paid will NOT be refunded or transferable to other parties. However a refund will be considered on a one to one basis based on the reasonableness of the request.
· Classes will be held as per the time table furnished by the management.
· The management reserves the right to amend the published time table any time before after the commencement of a course.
· Extra classes maybe held on mercantile holidays.
· Students are expected to attend regularly & sign attendance
· Students should maintain utmost discipline
· Complaints can be mailed to with the subject title "Complaint - Mention your complaint" and students can request for the complaints policy via e-mail.
· All data gathered will be kept confidential under data protection laws.
· For Online students - The course enrolled for is valid only for the period for which you have enrolled. There is no specific software that are needed to join the classes, except for a web browser and we recommend Google Chrome. Students should have access to a 4G data connection with 2mbps speed. Students should not share their login details or any other content given by Alpha Business School.

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