@ Alpha And Gain Two Globally Recognised Diplomas At Once

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Alpha Business School, your trusted partner in ACCA, brings to you a valuable opportunity to earn two Globally Recognised Diplomas at the same time in a mere six months.

The initial Diploma in Accounting and Business awarded by ACCA – UK, a Professional body and the Additional Diploma in Accounting and Finance is awarded by Concordia International University – California, USA, an Academic Institution. 

These two Diplomas (equivalent to the First year of a degree program) would lead to a Bachelor’s Degree and a professional qualification to make you a Globally recognised professional, and is done so by giving the Sri Lankan Parent the best value for money option in higher education in town.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is one of the largest bodies of Chartered Accountants in the world, with over 200,000 fully qualified members and over 500,000 students in our capacity. Being the most forward thinking professional accounting body, the ACCA works towards creating work-ready professionals, largely sought after by employers all over the world.
The ACCA syllabus provides all the necessary skills that should be in the possession of a Strategic Business Leader, who is well aware of all aspects in the world of business. 

“The ACCA, while being well recognised and reputed globally, draws a higher attraction in the job market, which not only opens for the position of an “accountant” but many prestigious designations. The structure of the ACCA is designed in a flexible way, where both full time and part time programs are available”, said Chairman and Senior Lecturer at Alpha Business School, Dr. Shaan Jayasekara.

Alpha Business School has signed a fully functioning partnership agreement together with Concordia International University, California, USA, which is one of the spearheading institutions of the Concordia Foundation, which was set up to deliver cutting-edge education that is both accessible and affordable, through its network of colleges in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Korea and the Philippines. As a result of our unique collaboration with the Concordia Foundation, upon completion of the Knowledge Level or the foundation level of the ACCA, students are able to acquire two diplomas; the Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA and as well as a Diploma in Accounting and Finance from the Concordia International University. Students can obtain the Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance after completion of the first three papers in the ACCA skills level and the Graduate Diploma after completing the skills level in ACCA.

It gets better via the partnership between the ACCA and the Oxford Brookes University in the UK which makes it more convenient for the student to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Accounting after 18 months upon the completion of up-to the Skills Level in the ACCA along with the submission of a Research Analysis Project. The complete set of qualifications; Professional and Academic Diplomas, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Professional Qualification can be completed within two and a half years, with the student being well trained in professionalism and in terms of acquired skills, and knowledge can only be obtained only at Alpha Business School. 

Alpha Business School provides high quality tuition for the ACCA program. Alpha Business School is “THE” most professional institute for the ACCA in Sri Lanka, brought to life by the veterans of the ACCA in Sri Lanka, who have been in the business since the ACCA first launched its operations in Sri Lanka.

Our panel of lecturers that includes household names in the industry, such as Dr. Shaan Jayasekara, Shehan Fernando and Prasenna Balachandran, are the most sought-after lecturers in the island, and are the recommended resource persons by many ACCA students and members.

Our friendly and interactive lecturers who have produced many world and Sri Lankan Prize winners are ever ready to address any concern that a student might face.

“We provide approved study material to all those who enrol and provide a comprehensive revision program and hands-on Computer Based Exam Training to make the student exam ready. Conveniently located in Wellawatte with easy access via car, bus or train, Alpha Business School, through its effective teaching methods, mainly focuses on creating true professionals, with not only relevant conceptual skills, but also with ethics and morals which are of great significance in a true professional.

To have that balance in mind and body, we offer our students with a more sophisticated and a holistic experience, where we provide Gym memberships and also Swimming Pool facilities at a nominal fee,” CEO and Senior Lecturer at Alpha Business School, Shehan Fernando said.

Alpha Business School focuses on what matters the most, the success and wellbeing of our key stakeholder, our students. With this in mind, it’s decided to award a scholarship to the most outstanding student to follow a Master’s Degree Program which will be awarded at the Graduation ceremony in 2022. Join with us as you begin the journey of a lifetime, where we firmly believe that, true to our motto, perpetuam doctrina; learning is life long.